Those Were the Days by Roger Perrin

Life is a journey, full of twists and turns, ups and downs. Mine was like that and more. Born in 1949 when food rationing was still prevalent, when there was only the radio to listen to, when television was in its infancy, no electronic games for children to play. Life was simple, and this book gives the reader an insight into my family’s life, and in particular the events and incidents that surrounds myself. From my early schoolboy days, through my teenage years to an adult.



My book starts with the background of my parents and the hardship they suffered, and more specifically the time when, during the war, my Mum’s train was attacked by a German fighter plane. To the time when, as a twin, my brother and I deceived the teachers by swapping classes. In the 60’s, children like me had to make up our own games to play out in the streets and further afield. Memories of when we used to climb trees, go scrumping and basically getting up to mischief; times when we both spent hours in A&E with bad cuts and dislocated joints. It recalls the incidents and events when I started work in an engineering factory, a dangerous place, where I witnessed several bad accidents and described in detail in this book. The twist of fate that changed my career path from welder to teacher and ending in my move to Ireland after suffering a major heart attack where I almost died.

A classic family history full of stories of actual events that will capture the reader’s minds. Anyone with a sense of curiosity of what those times was like will enjoy this story.


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