A Survivor’s Guide to Living in Ireland

Publisher’s Note: first published in 2005, this autobiography of Tom Richards’ crazy life since deciding to live in Ireland has been updated every year. 2021 was the last year I updated it – to be honest, I’d run out of things to say about this great country! In a year or two, I might start to write other Survivor’s Guide titles, starting with my time in Eyeries, County Cork, way down in the Southwest of Ireland, about as far SW as you can get! From my home here, visitors joke that they can see Labrador, Boston, or New York from my back deck. Frankly, I can only see Coulagh Bay and the Wild Atlantic Ocean beyond that. Since first published, and if I add them all up, all of the versions have sold a total of well over 25,000 copies. Thank you, everyone!


About A Survivor’s Guide to Living in Ireland
In this 2021 – and final! – edition of A Survivor’s Guide to Living in Ireland, American expatriate Tom Richards reflects on his 39 years of living in Ireland, and offers additional advice on how you can, too.

Since first published in 2005, Richards has updated this book of essential reading almost annually to reflect the ever-changing tapestry of Ireland. In this edition, he explores how the current pandemic, as well as Brexit, has affected Ireland and its citizens, while noting the growing light of optimism as vaccines roll out here and across the world.

For those dreaming of living and working in Ireland, he provides a practical guide to immigration as well as pinpointing skillsets in demand that could be the brass ring to gaining a work permit and employment in this country.

In the 2021, and final, edition of A Survivor’s Guide to Living in Ireland, Richards shows how he has survived and prospered in a country much different to the culture of his birth. In doing so, he answers a number of practical questions many pose as they consider embarking on a similar journey:

Am I entitled to an Irish Work Visa? If so, how can I get one? Is Ireland really the land of my dreams? If I’ve thought of staying for a prolonged visit, establishing residency, or creating an Irish business, how do I do it? What would it really be like to live in Ireland, anyway?

Find out in this rich volume of over 90,000 words devoted to the ever-changing tapestry of living and working in Ireland. This fun, easy to read book contains (among other things) a brief history of Ireland, the opportunities present here for would-be immigrants, and tips on how to get a work permit, become a citizen, buy a home, cope with taxation and the cost of living, and enjoy this amazing country for yourself. As an added bonus, a Dictionary of Irish Slang and Phrases coaches you to talk like the Irish do.

In 1982, American Tom Richards, fresh out of UCLA, took a four-week holiday to Ireland. He’s been here ever since. Witty and insightful, Richards tells how he overcame the culture shock of living in the Auld Sod, learning to twist his middle-class American thinking into a more European point of view while managing to pay his bills at the same time. Along the way, he’s learned some practical lessons that he now shares: From how to understand the Irish to how to drink a perfect pint; from finding a job to how to get a work permit; from purchasing your first dream home to learning to take soaking walks on a soft Irish day.

In short, he reveals that to survive in Ireland, all you have to do is discover the magic of this wonderful country for yourself.

A Survivor’s Guide to Living in Ireland has sold over 20,000 copies. In this final edition, you can learn to Talk like the Irish, Drink like the Irish, Work like the Irish, and Live like the Irish. Essential reading for anyone considering a visit or move to this fabulous country.


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