Sue the Two Headed Roo – and YOU!

About this Illustrated Storybook
Written by Tom Richards, and one of his first illustrated books, this book – created for YOUNGER READERS AND THEIR PARENTS – tells the story of a Two-Headed Kangaroo, as well as his young friends, as they jump into outer space and come home just in time for bed.


Written as a ‘personalised story’, parents and grandparents can insert their child’s (or children’s) names, as well as their own names, when reading it out loud to them, perhaps as a bedtime story



A Perfect illustrated storybook for you and your children
Do you have children who love to read? Or are you a mother or father, aunt, uncle or grandparent who wants to teach your younger children to read and write?
Then open the pages to see if Sue the Two Headed ‘Roo and You is right for you!
This easy-to-read short illustrated children’s book allows you to use your children’s names in it. With Sue, you’ll all journey to space, then back to other places such as Ireland and as far away as Australia. You can even insert your own town or city or village anywhere in the story to personalize it even more.
Enjoy it! This adventure book with Sue the Two Headed Kangaroo could motivate your child to become and airline pilot, an astronaut, a teacher or a writer. Who knows but you and Sue


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