The Lost Scrolls of Newgrange

Publisher’s Note: first published in 1994, and Tom’s first full-length novel, this YA Science Fiction tale has become something of a classic read. Within only months, this book went to #5 in the Irish Times Young Adult bestsellers list. Fully updated to include new technologies and modern language, and bringing the fascinating world of science fiction to Young Adult Readers, I hope this tale of courage, coming of age and a trip to a far-off galaxy will inspire anyone who reads it – not only to read more but perhaps to become a scientist, mathematician, writer, archaeologist or even an astronaut! (P.S. as with our Adult section, we hope that someday this will be turned into a film!)

About The Lost Scrolls of Newgrange
At last, the secrets of Ireland’s megalithic Newgrange Monument revealed! Not by an archaeologist but by an untidy Maths teacher,


Barnabus, and his two brave students, Jonathan & Cathy.When this adventurous young couple leave school on an April day to find their missing teacher, they did not know what lay in store for them. On the other side of the Centauri star system near the Andromeda Galaxy, they would experience adventure, excitement, a crash course in astrophysics, and a relentless and all-powerful saint: PSORSIS, the master of the Universe. In 1994, Tom Richards wrote an utterly compelling science fiction novel for Young Adults; an unputdownable read for all those whose imaginations soar. This re-release, newly edited for contemporary times, allows a new generation to enjoy the wonders of the Universe and the mysteries of the Archaeological enigma of the Newgrange Monument, located in County Meath, Ireland. Also available soon from Barnes and Noble, good bookshops, and Amazon outlets everywhere.


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