Heartbreak & Happiness – an Anthology of Short-Stories, Plays and Poetry

A special Note from Tom Richards to all readers: this Anthology is composed of a variety of short-stories, poetry and plays most having an Irish Theme.


Toward the end of this volume is a white paper on Writing a Bestselling Novel for Online Publication. This paper tells all would-be authors of how to write a novel for the screen, stage, and online publication. Will your work be produced or result in a bestselling novel? To answer the question, do what I do: put your bum in the seat, turn on your computer or tap on your typewriter and get started! That’s all you have to do to see if you have what it takes!  Creating something as wonderful as an anthology penned by great writers (and I leave that last phrase out regarding myself) was an honor. A special thanks goes, of course, to all of the people who submitted manuscripts and were chosen for publication by our Storylines Entertainment editorial board. Special acknowledgment must go to Bill Leece, English educator extraordinaire.To Carmel Murray, Frank McQuaid, Aoife Murphy, and the entire team at the Bantry Psychiatric Unit, I once again give you thanks for your care, love, and concern.


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