Always Come Home

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Publisher’s Note: Always Come Home by Tom Richards is set to be turned into a series of 1-hour movies for Television. Liam O’Neill, Tom’s producer, had the idea for a TV series. When this series is transmitted it will be dedicated solely to Liam.



Accused of stealing $3million and attempting suicide, DAVID BLOOM is admitted to a psychiatric unit against his will. Misdiagnosed and prescribed incorrect medication, he will be released only if he silences the ghosts of his past and proves his sanity. But with release pending, and his ghosts still beckoning, he is forced to go back to a home that only exists in his wild imagination. Based entirely on a true story, this work of fiction helps people to understand the horrors of involuntary psychiatric admission, and its consequences. It also applauds the work done by those campaigning for the rights of psychiatric patients and their families, in Ireland and around the world.

4 reviews for Always Come Home

  1. Rachel Jackson

    David Bloom is forcibly sent to a mental hospital after being accused of stealing $ 3 million and making an attempt on his life. He was given the wrong diagnosis and treatment, and he won’t be freed until he puts the past behind him and establishes his sanity. He is compelled to return to a house that only exists in his vivid imagination since his release is about to happen and his ghosts are still calling. This fictional work, which is based on a factual tale, aids readers in comprehending the horrors of forced psychiatric admission and its effects. Additionally, it commends individuals who have fought for the rights of mental patients and their families both in Ireland and internationally.

    There’s nothing worse than learning the book’s ending halfway through, so I kept speculating and wondering throughout my reading of this book, which I found to be enjoyable. I found myself skimming sections of the pages to find out what would happen next, even though it is an emotional thriller. I connected to Always Comes Home. It illustrates how people we care about are seldom given a chance to be heard, especially if they are thought to be mentally ill. A poignant and illuminating tale.

    It has been constructed skillfully. Your reading is sustained. It is written dynamically and authentically. The characters in the novel will win your heart. You can’t help but be drawn into this narrative. This book portrays both the healing process and the primary characters’ real anguish. These characters were also wonderful. The cover is intriguing and wonderful at the same time. It engages readers and communicates a lot about the storyline of the book. It’s the perfect script, and the author’s clear-cut but exact writing style makes it come to life. I am forward to reading more writing from the author in the future!

  2. Rachel Jackson

    Tamara Curtin Niemi
    Always Comes Home hit so many notes. First my mom is schizophrenic, currently in a mental correctional facility in the US and will likely never leave; second Mikhail Bulgakov was the subject of my PhD dissertation, so the blending and travelling between two worlds was a familiar vehicle, and oh, that frustration of the system really screwing people and their friends and family too.

  3. Patrick Bloom

    Patrick Bloom
    My son suffered from a simple nervous breakdown. He was mis-diagnosed as being a threat to himself or others and thrown (illegally, in my opinion) into a mental health facility I would rather not name. There, he spent over 2 months while I fought the system to have him released. I was so tired and angry, I was the one who needed treatment.
    Always Comes Home resonated with me. It demonstrates how those we love are never listened to: not when others believe they are mentally sick. Thank you for this book. You give me hope that the system CAN BE CHANGED AS IT MUST BE. Not only where I live, but ALL OVER THE WORLD.

  4. Clarryiana

    5.0 out of 5 stars Charged, Compelling and heart wrenching
    Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2022
    Always Come Home is an emotional story of one man’s journey into despair. Bloom, committed to a psychiatric ward, insists he has been misdiagnosed, despite what his family and psychiatrist says. One insightful nurse proposes otherwise and gives him hope in an otherwise dark world of incarceration.
    Flashbacks to the fateful day of the fire, and his crushing love for his grieving mother come back to haunt him. Forced to leave his love and his idyllic island life as a young man, has a traumatic affect on him despite his successful life in the states. Action packed, full of subplots and innuendo, this novel, inspired by a true story, is compelling to say the least.

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