Always Come Home

Publisher’s Note: Always Come Home by Tom Richards is set to be turned into a series of 1-hour movies for Television. Liam O’Neill, Tom’s producer, had the idea for a TV series. When this series is transmitted it will be dedicated solely to Liam.


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Accused of stealing $3million and attempting suicide, DAVID BLOOM is admitted to a psychiatric unit against his will. Misdiagnosed and prescribed incorrect medication, he will be released only if he silences the ghosts of his past and proves his sanity. But with release pending, and his ghosts still beckoning, he is forced to go back to a home that only exists in his wild imagination. Based entirely on a true story, this work of fiction helps people to understand the horrors of involuntary psychiatric admission, and its consequences. It also applauds the work done by those campaigning for the rights of psychiatric patients and their families, in Ireland and around the world.


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