The Dazzling Helen Fox



Helen Fox, a 32-year-old Irish woman, becomes pregnant in Ireland, and simultaneously is operated on for cancer. When her husband Geoff, a coward and a thief, leaves her, she flees Ireland, jetting to America. Onboard that Boeing 787, she meets Doug Martin, a co-pilot for United Airlines




Within only one day, the fall in love at first sight and Doug asks her to marry him. He promises her a future of happiness, but the couple discovers that life never goes to plan. Following a horrific accident, where half the aircraft’s passengers die and half survive, David, the pilot-in-command when trying to land at the International Airport in Tampa, Florida (his great friend, Captain Pryde, has a heart-attack when the aircraft was half-destroyed as David tries to land it), suffers from life-threatening injuries due to the violent crash. When her fiancé turns to alcohol, and now suffering nightmares and related symptoms due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Helen almost leaves him. But when she realizes she is pregnant with Doug’s child, she sticks by him. This, the next to last novel by Tom Richards, is a story about romance, love at first site, marriage problems, morals, psychiatric hospitals, aircraft, team work and airplane accidents, space travel to a distant Galaxy – and much more.


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