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Grace Upendo (32) is a Sexually-abused Black Swahili African. Despite her strength of character, she is haunted by a dark past. Full of fear, and unable to reach out to those who could help heal her scarred heart, she is saved by the man of her dreams, Sean Hope. But when Sean understands how damaged she is due to past horrors of rape and abuse, and despite his great love for her, he comes to realize that to heal her he must leave he



Years later, when Grace finally gains the courage to escape from Jester Jones, an abusive Australian sailing yacht owner, she begins a frightening voyage of discovery through stormy seas to an uncharted, magical island only 150 nautical miles from Brisbane, Australia. There, in this unearthly land of honey, filled with lakes, streams, stunning golden beeches, mysterious creatures,dark forests and tall mountains, she begins to find new hope.

On the island an adventure begins with a magical play, LOST LOVERS (yes, the stage play name is the same as the novel, but you’ll soon understand when you read it, and will find the play quite amusing and entertaining!), a raucous play based in part on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Its cast of characters, all animals and insects and talking bees, too, even include a talking two-headed Kangaroo called Sue the Two-Headed Roo. But as the humans and animals begin rehearsals, Grace soon discovers she cannot understand its cast of misfit characters. Filled with confusion, she is taken into the depths of the sea, to Fish School, by a white-faced Common Dolphin. There, beneath the churning waves, she finally learns her lesson: she can talk to the magical animals and even the two-headed Roo. Having found the key, Grace is taken back to the magical island and dreams of a beach. Buried beneath it is a bright diamond engagement ring which Sean had tried to give her twice, years before, but which she had refused. And when she recognises the Roo as Sean, and he understands that Grace is his lost lover, then the magic ends and the reality of a loving future begins

5 reviews for LOST LOVERS

  1. George Lambe

    This is a story told mostly in iambic pentameter, much like the greatest playwright of our times, William Shakespeare, used so adroitly. A novella of magical realism, the story interweaves a tragic romance and a hysterical adventure played out on a wonderful, glorious Pacific Island. Lost Lovers is a story readers won’t be able to put down.
    George Lambe, UK

  2. Barbara Klaw

    …this is a fascinating mixture of several literary genres, and to me, that is one of its greatest strengths.
    Barbara Klaw, Chicago, Illinois, United States

  3. Lauret Cusins

    Think Peter Pan combined with William Shakespeare’s funniest plays including A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo + Juliet. That’s the novella that Tom Richards has woven together. My heart went out to the protagonist, Grace. She faces so many issues that many women of color in this world face today. But due to her strong character, and the loving loyalty of her partner, she prevails.
    Lauret Cusins, Mobile, Alabama, United States

  4. Shauna O’Neill

    A bull’s eye! This was one of the best short novels I’ve read in a long time. I have no doubt it will win many awards and rightly so.
    Shauna O’Neill, Sydney, Australia

  5. Will Arnold

    Because there are enough ‘jam boy’ references here to make Smuckers blush, then I get the story. Honestly, my recommendation for ye (and I mean it) is to put out the Heartbreak & Happiness Anthology and see what reaction there is to Ham-and-Eggs; if people love its Wit-and-Whimsy, then this new book is for them.
    Will Arnold, Arlington Heights, Illinois

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